"Marry You" Eddie B

Marry You

Album: God Shut the Planet Down
Writers: Eddie B / Conviction
Licensing: © 2021 EddieB (BMI) 
Song Length: 4:18
Format: AC
Contact: Eddie B

Website: Eddie B Music

Eddie is currently doing 212 concerts a year. He is on the road performing 7 months out of the year. His home base is in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he has a wife and six children.

Eddie B’s accomplishments:

  • Eddie is an accomplished singer and song writer as well as the founder and senior pastor for Conviction for Christ Ministries.
    • He has produced 46 CDs.
    • His latest release in 2017 Grip of His Grace was # 1 in Canada on crw
    • His last release in 2015 I’ve Forgiven me was # 1 in Canada on crw
    • His last release not alone was # 1 and went international on crw
    • “Carry Me Home” charted at #21 on a top 100 chart out of Nashville, Tennessee.


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