"In The Name Of" Hope Eternal


In The Name Of

Album: Single
Writers: Hope Eternal
Licensing: © Copyright 2020 Hope Eternal ASCAP 
Song Length: 3:42
Format: Worship
Contact: Hope Eternal Music

Website: Hope Eternal


Hope Eternal is a father-daughter duo who sings original Gospel songs about hope, love and healing. The EP studio recording was done as a celebration and expression of our journey with the Father. Our expression resulted in something unique and powerful. Every word, note and sound of these songs were created with the intention of sharing God’s gentle presence. Rudolf (43) with his tranquil style combines perfectly that of his daughter Mila (12) whose voice is pure and beautiful, and makes for a spiritual and uplifting experience.

The intention of “In the name of” is to build our confidence by reminding us that the love and goodness of God is encompassed in the name of Jesus, and that the Spirit moves with earth-shaking power when we speak his name in faith, the faith he gave us.


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