"This Journey" Marty DeRoche


This Journey

Marty DeRoche

Album: Single
Writers: Marty DeRoche
Licensing: © Copyright 2020 Marty DeRoche
Song Length: 3:01
Format: Worship
Contact: Marty DeRoche

This song is dedicated to two special ladies who happen to be sisters, Dawn (Cox) Bruder and Delora (Cox) DeRoche (my wife). In 2016, Dawn was diagnosed with Breast Cancer which later spread and she began her journey of treatments. Being a faithful wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and schoolteacher, she lived her faith out in every step of her journey.

In 2017, my wife Delora was also diagnosed with a different type of Breast Cancer and so her journey began. Our families walked hand in hand with God as our guide together. On December 8, 2019, Dawn’s journey took her home with her Lord and Savior. Delora’s journey continues now with medications. Dawn had asked me to write a song about their journey.

So, with much love, God’s wisdom and thoughts from my wife and producer Monty Jackson, came the song, “ This Journey “. I was honored to use Scriptures and phrases that both sisters used often.

God has placed us all on a journey. Our journey may lead us on different paths of joy, fears, sadness and even loss. When we understand the journey we travel really belongs to God, then we can know “He’s Got This”. It’s my prayer that no matter what path you are on in your journey, you would realize that you are never alone. I pray that you’ll find God being faithful and that maybe this song will be a real blessing!  Remember we are all on journey. Trust God to carry you through it!

- Marty Deroche

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