"Savior God" Rick Stephenson

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Savior God

Rick Stephenson

Album: The Cross Changes Me (EP)
Writers: Rick Stephenson
Licensing: © 2021 Rick Stephenson/ N-Siteful Music Inc. (ASCAP)
Song Length: 4:10
Format: AC/CHR

Music Video: YouTube
Contact: Rick Stephenson

Rick Stephenson

Rick is a Worship Evangelist from Johnson Creek, WI.  He pens original relation filled contemporary worship music that lifts and encourages those who listen. Rick draws from his personal experiences of being adopted, suffering physical and mental abuse, enduring significant losses and serious struggles with depression to relate to those he ministers to.  That's why this kind of ministry and music satisfies the hungry heart, blesses the believer, and awakens the lost.  One interaction and it is evident that Rick's creativity and love of God are spilling over into his songs.


Story Behind the Song: Savior God

I wanted to write a song to help people understand that we don’t save ourselves, but rather it’s God who has saved us. He does so despite all our pain, scars, wounds, and flaws. He’s in love with us and desires that we should know him. So, he uses all that stuff in our lives to actually get to know him and he turns it around for good in us if we will let him. We are drowning in this life without him, but he has offered us a rescuing hand and breathed new life into us. I simply want people to know that. - Rick Stephenson


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