"You Are The Same" Rick Stephenson

Song covers - 03 - You Are The Same

You Are The Same

Rick Stephenson

Album: The Cross Changes Me (EP)
Writers: Rick Stephenson
Licensing: © 2021 Rick Stephenson/ N-Siteful Music Inc. (ASCAP)
Song Length: 2:59
Format: AC/CHR
Contact: Rick Stephenson

Rick Stephenson

Rick is a Worship Evangelist from Johnson Creek, WI.  He pens original relation filled contemporary worship music that lifts and encourages those who listen. Rick draws from his personal experiences of being adopted, suffering physical and mental abuse, enduring significant losses and serious struggles with depression to relate to those he ministers to.  That's why this kind of ministry and music satisfies the hungry heart, blesses the believer, and awakens the lost.  One interaction and it is evident that Rick's creativity and love of God are spilling over into his songs.


Story Behind the Song: You Are The Same

With so much turmoil in the world, I was thinking about how desperately we all need to be grounded to something that doesn’t change to keep us from spinning out of control. While praying on this idea, the thought hit me that scripture emphasizes that God does not change. In fact, it clearly says in Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” That is such a comforting thought and if we can get a hold of that then no mater what falls apart around us, we won’t be shaken! With God’s unchanging, unending love for us we can also rest assured that his will for our lives is also unbendable and unbreakable!


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