"It Is Well" Sheila Walsh with Cliff Richard


It Is Well

Sheila Walsh with Cliff Richard

Album: Braveheart Worship with Sheila Walsh
Writers: Jess Cates and Ian Cron
Licensing: © 2013 Simple Hymns Songs (SESAC)/ Simple Hymns Publishing (BMI) (both admin. by Music Services). All Rights Reserved.
Song Length: 4:19
Format: Worship
Contact: Venture3 Media or Lisa Troyer 

Best-selling artist, author and television host Sheila Walsh has teamed with Sir Cliff Richard for their first duet in over thirty years. "It is Well" is a brand new track from Walsh's new album Braveheart Worship which was released on March 20, 2021 from Venture3Media (V3M).


Her first full-length album in eight years, the 11-song album will be available on CD and at Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer and additional digital, streaming and physical retail outlets globally. Richard is a longtime friend of Walsh's and has produced a couple of her past albums. 


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