"Rock Under My Feet" Tony Garmon

Rock Under My Feet

Tony Garmon

Album: Single
Writers: Tony Garmon
Licensing: © 2021 Tony Garmon ASCAP
Song Length: 3:02
Format: AC
Contact: Tony Garmon

Tony Garmon

After growing up around music and spending time in the band, I left music to achieve other goals. After becoming a Licensed Surveyor and achieving business success, I became the Hymn leader at a small church in Dacula, Georgia. During that time, I was introduced to Christian Music and fell in love. 2 years ago, I left that church and became a member at a larger church called Ebenezer Baptist Church. After finally being accepted to be in the Music Ministry, Covid hit and halted our music. That was the point God put in motion the beginning of my music career in writing and singing his word. Today I have completed 4 additional song writes and am in the process of 2 Co-writes. I don’t know what Gods plan with me is yet, but I am going to listen and react.


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